>Georgian Blogging Days 2010


სამწუხაროდ ვერ დავესწრები ქართული ბლოგინგის დღეებს 😦
თუ ბლოგინგის ქართული დღეები უფრო სწორია?
თუ ქართული ბლოგების დღეა, ან სულაც ბლოგების ქართული დღე?


>New Media Forum

>ძალიან მომეწონა ლოგო.

მოკლედ, ვისაც გაინტერესებთ, შეგიძლიათ დარეგისტრირდეთ, თუმცა ვერ დაგპირდებით, რომ ადგილები დარჩენილია 🙂

>Gmail – Made in Georgia

>ამას წინათ მირეკავს ვიღაც:
– გამარჯობა, ჯიმეილიდან გაწუხებთ, თქვენთვის წერილია…
მეთქი – საიდააან??? o_O (ესეთი თვალები)
– ჯიმეილიდან. Gmail.
რაღა უნდა მეთქვა… ჩუმად გამოვართვი წერილი, და სანამ გადავაგდებდი, ერთი ფოტოც გადავუღე…

>Блоги и новые медия – Грузия

>Here is my presentation about blogosphere in Georgia, which I held on a forum about new media in Karaganda, Kazakhstan on 13th of July 2009.

Understandable, it’s in russian 🙂


English version may come later.

>Human Chain

On Monday, September 1st, at 3 PM people in Tbilisi and other cities in Georgia and around the world will be forming a human chain. This peaceful protest is designed to highlight the continuing Russian occupation of Georgian lands and resilience of Georgians in the face of the risk of war. This is expected to draw tens of thousands of Georgians together in Tbilisi alone to create a many kilometer long human chain that will wind through downtown Tbilisi and all the way out to the Russian Embassy.

Read more here

>Some results

>The long vacation has come to an end.

But I’m alone at the office and have not so much to do – all of our activities in September are postponed.
You know why – there was a little war here in Georgia.
The officially declared state of war was prolonged by the parliament until 8th of September.

The cleaning team is doing his work not so quiet and my thought are disturbed while I’m sitting in my big black wheel-chair.

But sometimes even I do have some great ideas!
I will write a little post on my blog.

Not about today, or tomorrow. Not even about yesterday – I will tell you something about our past.

Do you know who’s winning all the wars?

Nobody. Even the winners lose.

The Georgian-Russian war hasn’t ended. It started in 18th century and is still going on.

We were fighting always – even if one Georgian soldier had to deal with 5 or 7 enemies at the same time.

There were romans, arabs, mongols, turks, persians, russians – I don’t remember anymore how many of them wanted to conquer this little piece of land…

Maybe you will be interested to read a little bit of history – I will gladly provide you some links from Wikipedia:

  1. Very short article about History of Georgia
  2. Kingdom of Georgia
  3. 3 years of independence from Russians
  4. Soviet Georgia
  5. Georgia today

Please, read between the lines.
There is always more information than you think.