John Grisham, 20 Years of Writing

უფრო და უფრო ბევრს ვფიქრობ წიგნის დაწერაზე

Shaffer's Notebook

Twenty years ago John Grisham couldn’t get published.  But he stuck with his instinct, and 20 years later he has written 22 books that have sold over 250 million copies and spawned ten movies, with an eleventh in development.

“I’m a famous writer in a country where nobody reads.”

Humble, Yet Disciplined Beginnings
Grisham started writing his first book while practicing law. “If I had 30 minutes to an hour, I would sneak up to the old law library, hide behind the law books and write A Time to Kill.” (USA Today Interview with Dennis Moore)

Grisham was consumed with an idea, and he was disciplined in his efforts to write this book.  It would take him 3 years to complete A Time to Kill.“When I started writing in the fall of ’84, I had no idea what I was doing, but I was motivated…

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