>How to transfer files recorded with SpeakEasy from your iPhone to PC?

>If you are using voice recording software on your iPhone, then probably you also needed to transfer your files from phone to PC.

I am using a very cool app – SpeakEasy and do like it very much. However, a file transfer possibility offered by developers of SpeakEasy is not exactly that what I want – SpeakEasy Connect needs an iTunes Backup (and Synchronization) in order to move your recordings from iPhone to iTunes library. It is a very good way, but not always.

If like me, you are using several PC’s (2 laptops and 1 desktop in my case), you wouldn’t like to syncronise your iPhone with several iTunes libraries – it’s complicated, and not always very useful.

I’ve found a very simple way, how to transfer files recorded via SpeakEasy from your iPhone to your PC – and NOT use SpeakEasy Connect:

  1. Download and install iPhone Browser.
  2. Connect your iPhone via USB to PC.
  3. Open iPhone Browser and find Documents directory at the following address – root/var/mobile/documents
  4. Here you see several files with extension *.caf – these are your recordings
  5. Save them to your PC – by default the *.caf files are opened with QuickTime



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